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AZ R.O.C. Lic # 154522

Serving the Phoenix Area since 2000!

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Our Job Process
(Typical flow)
  1. Dusty Creek is contacted by Homeowner or Insurance Company and informed of damages that occurred at the Homeowners or Insured's property.

  2. Dusty Creek contacts Homeowner/Insured to let them know that they have received information regarding the damages and to set up an appointment to come out and inspect the damages.

  3. The inspection is completed and a Scope of Work (estimate) is composed.

  4. The Scope of Work is sent to the Insurance Company and the Homeowner/Insured with a Work Authorization.

  5. Once the Scope of Work is approved by the Insurance Company, Dusty Creek requires a signed Work Authorization before repairs can be scheduled. In most cases we also require the Homeowner/Insured deductible to be paid up front, or if the work is Non-Insurance/remodeling, a 50% deposit is required.

  6. Once our office receives the Authorization and monies, the file and paperwork are set up to our Superintendent.

  7. Crews are scheduled and repairs begin.

( The process outlined above is for reference only. )