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Claim Tips & Info
When it comes to your home, any loss can be devastating. But by working together, we can help make the repair process a lot less painful. In case of property damage or theft, start by making a list of everything that has been damaged or stolen. The more information you can provide your insurance adjuster, the more quickly they can process your claim. Receipts, owners manuals, canceled checks and credit card bills can be especially helpful.

You can take other steps to minimize the impact of damages at your home. In case of fire and smoke damage promptly report your claim to your insurance company. Do not try to clean the damaged items as sometimes trying to clean things without the proper methods can do more harm than good. If your home has suffered water damage, move all your possessions out of the affected areas as soon as possible. Then make sure that all the water is removed. A wet/dry vacuum or emergency cleaning service can help with this job. If you use a cleaning service, save the receipts for your adjuster.

In the case of either fire or water damage, help protect the safety of your family and pets by keeping them out of the damaged areas. If your home is uninhabitable and you must stay elsewhere, keep the receipts for all your expenses. In some occasions your insurance policy will pay for the covered expenses that exceed your normal, day-to-day living costs. As with any other kind of incident, the more information you can provide to your insurance company, the better they can serve you.